The perfect sofa between functionality and aesthetics

The sofa is the symbol of relaxation, where you can spend the sweetest moments with the family.
In an era where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, there are different varieties of models for all tastes and needs.

To be the ideal place, the sofa must meet clear requirements, which are able to satisfy the need to enjoy a healthy moment of relaxation and leisure.
In this article, we define the identikit of the perfect sofa.

Suitable size

The size of the sofa should be proportional to the number of family members, but above all they must adapt to the space in which it will be placed. So, if the room is small, we recommend a straight sofa.

On the contrary, if the environment is spacious, you can opt for a corner sofa, which fits into most modern homes.

Comfort and aesthetics

Since we have increased the time spent inside our homes for some years now, the needs have changed considerably. We want more comfort and livable products also from an aesthetic point of view.

The padding is the first thing to check if you want a comfortable sofa.
Furthermore, the perfect sofa must respond to a criterion of aesthetics in a modern key, to adapt to spaces with a contemporary design.

The Carrol sofa, which is part of the new Apulian Attitude campaign, meets these needs. This sofa, with a clean design and equipped with a freely adjustable backrest, is based on the concept of relaxation. The body is thus able to let itself go to rest or pleasant conversation.

With Capodarte, we have the opportunity to have the sofa that is modern, welcoming, comfortable and beautiful to look at within our domestic spaces.

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